"The job of an artist is to always deepen the mystery."
- Francis Bacon

JEFF WILLIAMS (inanga), Artist, Writer and Web Designer

Hi, I’m a Kiwi from Greymouth on the West Coast of Aotearoa and inanga is my painting/pen name. I travelled the world as a mountaineer and travel writer (for Lonely Planet) for many years, and I started painting later in life after a chance meeting with the infamous, in New Zealand, art forger Karl Sim (aka Goldie). The Coast has been my inspiration, and many of my artistic influences and mysticism of my art and writing stem from the rugged landscape found there.

I paint extensively utilizing the Phi-spiral based on the Golden Ratio and describe in writing the spiritual connections with the land, and the motif and symbol in my work.

My credo is: I paint to capture the moment I am in - that nanosecond when light is fused into the image in front of me. Each painting starts as a swirl and then evolves into a lattice of swirls - the results astonish, regardless of method, media, size or surface. It is my tangible hand of God.

I set up Hand of God Productions to fulfill a vision of an online gallery infinite in scope as the www. In the gallery click to see paintings, writings, slideshows, even ‘Google Earth tour’ to worldwide locations depicted in my art. My online galleries receive many visitors, inquiries, comments and sales and I am now exhibiting for the first time in the land of my birth. I recently finished and have published the first part of a trilogy on Aotearoa called “Tides of Heaven: The Night Fishermen”, available on ibooks and Amazon -



Please enjoy - inanga

A recent review from Amazon -

"what a book! historical fact intermingled with toa tohunga magic. this is a must if you are whanau or pakeha. the realm of tu and the lives of the hirama mix and the story is epic. from raha's escape leading to the famous haka ka mate to the privations and glory of the warriors of yesteryear. I loved it and will read it again and again.
hone - Ireland"

I hope some of the PAINT and LETTERS rub off on you. i am at, Facebook - Jeff Williams, Webcam or iPhone +64-21-02252622

- 'mitakuye oyasin' (we are all one) - JEFF (inanga)


The refractive index of NZ nephrite (pounamu) is 1.6180339887 = phi) so it must be the phi-losopher's stone. Maybe yes, maybe no. Get some and play with it - it's magical. Promise. And my mum always told my sisters never to trust a man who says 'promise' to you.<br />
<br />
Some wisdom from Our Master:<br />
<br />
'Self-realized State: Unicity<br />
<br />
In the Unicity of the Self-realized state, the enjoyer and the object of enjoyment, the observer and the observed have become merged in the mystic realization of the Unicity, as if, in the words of Janeshwar:<br />
<br />
"Fragrance has become the nose in order to smell itself, sound has become the ear in order to hear itself."<br />
<br />
All perception remains as pure mirrorization without any reactive interpretation: there is only seeing, hearing, tasting, etc., without the objective interference of a see-er, hear-er, taste-er, etc. The senses may run according to their nature towards objects which gratify them, but there is no experience separate from the experience, just as when the sight meets the mirror there is awareness that the image in the mirror is not different from the face. In other words, an ordinary person identifies himself with the object that is undergoing an experience (whether it is enjoyable or painful), but the Self-realized person becomes the experience.'

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